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By entering WOKF Genesis you are agreeing to all rules set forth on this page To report anyone that you think has broken a rule you will need to submit a Screen Shot to our Support Email. Please explain what rule you think has been broken please include the players name in question.


Chat Rules

*Keep it clean NO racism/racist words, slang, degrading, bullying and or calling people out in shout channel or Main chat will be tolerated. *Please show respect to all players in the chat channels. Any breaking of these rules will have the results shown below:

  • 1st offense = warning
  • 2nd offense = 7-day mute
  • 3rd offense = 30-day mute
  • 4th offense will result in a permanent mute.

*Chat filters are in place for the preservation of the server's integrity.  Bypassing such filters with

intent to harm, slander, or degrade the server or another player will result in a mute.  Length of mute

will be determined by the Admin/ GM at the time of violation.  Multiple violations of this rule

will result in a permanent mute.


*Degradation of any Staff member of WOKF Genesis will result in an immediate mute. Logging an alt

in order to continue such slander or degradation will result in an account freeze and/or IP ban.


*Links to other servers will not be tolerated in open chats or in pm's.

  • 1st offense = 7 Day IP ban & account freeze
  • 2nd offense = Perm IP ban & account freeze 

We would like for you to keep in mind that these chat rules are not in place as an effort to control your gaming experience or freedoms in any way. They are here to ensure that all players have an equal opportunity to enjoy the game. Our player base ranges from small children to older adults, as well as families who play together. Let's use common respect and courtesy when we are speaking to each other.


 We reserve the right to mute any player without warning if we find it necessary.  If you feel like

you have been unrightfully muted, feel free to email us with your side of the story to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ksking Rules

You are not allowed to steal mobs from other players while wearing a shelter charm. You may also not KS groups that are sheltered. This rule will only be enforced if you can prove and we can verify that you were in this location first. Please play fair and try not taking over zones that are not yours to take. 

You man not lure players away from area with PVP in order to steal an area away from them. 

KS rules only apply to ACTIVE players.

If a player is standing in one location and using a pet or spamming AOE, you may message them, if they do not respond within 2-5 Minuets you can consider them as inactive and you may grind in that location. 


 King/ Country Rules

* As a king you MUST stay online and allow shelter charm to run off if equipped at time of selection, as kings at no time are allowed to wear a shelter charm.. You are responsible for showing up to country battles. If you can not make it please let a member of the staff know ahead of time so that arrangements can be made. You can not agree to draw a battle, Kings must show up and fight. As a king you MUST provided your citizens with Envoy (At your discretion), GB and other country exploits (At your discretion) and daily invasions at a time that is convenient for you. No one person should have more then one country at one time, also no school should have more then two kings at any given time. Selling of Envoy is NOT allowed in any form.

You may not spy on kings by joining 2 nations, teaming with king, and give up kings location to other country during battle. 

If you miss a country battle on Saturday and you have not notified staff that you will not be able to attend you will be subject to a loss of 50% of your remaining reputation in your country.

Kings can not use Mutes to harass players, its your right to mute, but they must be used responsibly.


PVP Rules

*It is important to understand that PVP is the base part of WOKF.  That being said we encourage you to be clever and stealthy as well as use any in-game enhancements that we offer.  Unfortunately, we will have to set some rules for PVP for equality based purposes.

*Kings are not subject to Level limit restrictions. A King may be killed by any level player, any number of times per day. 

*If you are a lover and not a fighter, feel free to purchase a shelter charm in the item mall! :)


* A player can not kill or be killed until level 60. There is no limit to the level that you can kill after level 60. If you do not wish to take part in PVP shelter charms are there for that reason. 


*Fans - You MUST be Level 60 or above and NOT wearing a shelter charm to heal a player during PVP. 


*You may not kill any player more than 10 times in a 24 hour period, This if for all players players beyond Level 60 range. Beyond 10 Kills it becomes a matter of Harassment. The only time this rule will not apply is if there is system monitored school war. or Enemy termination quest being carried out .However if kills are for Enemy Termination quests, and that can be proven the kill limited is extended to 15 times so long as that is the Only person you have killed for your quest to be completed (This can not be your own alt). **Kings and players with colored names (Red and above) are NOT protected under this rule. Players with Yellow colored names however will be subject to kill limitation.


All punishments of these offenses will be carried out swiftly and without hesitation.  If you feel you have been wrongfully accused and/or frozen, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Account Rules

*Sharing of account information is advised aginst. If you choose to share your information with others you do so at your own risk. We will not be held accountable for any items lost or stolen if you have shared your account with anyone. You will assume all risks, including mutes or other punishments,  And we will not be held liable.



***Account Selling*** Account selling is strictly prohibited. If we find your account has been sold it will be frozen and removed from history. This also applies to the selling of items from other players for real currency. If it’s been found the items will be removed from the player.




Character Names

*All of our names are first come first serve we do not reserve them nor will we make someone give a name up. Names for your Toons/Characters must not have any slanderous or racist words that will set off our chat filter. Names may not be directed at another player or slandering in any way.


***Impersonation of any member of the Genesis Staff will result in immediate freezing of your account.



*All donations are for Digital goods. We keep track of all donations as they are handed out. Any charge back of a donation will result in freezing of your account/accounts and IP banned until the issue has been resolved.


School Rules

*Anyone caught during enemy termination quests logging out/or leaving school just before they are about to die will be subject to severe punishment to the offending player and his school of record.


Punishments are as follows:


  • 1st offense is 30% loss of school coin
  • 2nd offense is 50% loss of school coin
  • 3rd offense is 24-hour freeze
  • 4th will result in loss of school


 *Farming of alt schools for prestige and enemy termination quests is NOT allowed.  Violators of this rule will be dealt with as we see fit, and may include deletion of the entire school/guild.



*Each school founder is responsible for who you let in your school.  If you find that someone has an alt in your school and is plundering it for prestige, it is up to YOU to remove them. 


Shelter Charms

*Shelter charms are NOT allowed in the arena, King of Kung Fu event, Legendary School event or Country battle.


*With an exception to the Country battle, the following will apply:

  • 1st offense loss of 1 level
  • 2nd time loss of 5 levels
  • 3rd time loss of 10 levels
  • 4th time loss of 25 levels
  • 5th time 60-day ban 


*Fans are not permitted to using shelter charms while healing teammates in battle, this is abuse of shelter and if you are going to do so you will be punished in accordance to the above listed punishments.



*KSing (or Kill Stealing) while wearing a Shelter Charm will not be tolerated. Violators of this rule will be subject to the above punishments as well. 



*Crafting Reputation Training all types of botting are prohibited. Having any type of program repeat an ability or item for you is considered botting. If a player reports that you are botting, you will have five minuets to respond to a message from a member of your staff, if you fail to do so in that time you will be kicked offline. If you are kicked offline more then 5 times you will be banned for 24 hours on the offending character. 



*** Using a pet to farm reputation is allowed and does not fall under the botting rule. but please keep in mind if you’re not attending your character and he/she is killed that is on you and is your responsibility


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