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Patch 1.0.50 


Celestial Garden

  • Stats lowered on all bosses (can one be soloed) 
  • Virgo boss corrected and will now drop Abyss box
  • Drop rate on Boxes set to 50-80% Drop chance. 

Crescent Springs

  • Daily quests can now be done 3 times each day in place of only once per day
  • Exp pre mob increased


  • Dragons Omen no longer gives drop message 


  • Zijin Divine stones & Silk of Dragon Soul added to the Exploration shop (Can now be purchased with Exploration Rep) 
  • Cost to accept Arch qeust level 90 lowerd from 500000 to only 50000


  • Exp increased per mob

Item Mall

  • Some Price reductions have been made
  • All Envoy fashions removed 
  • Envoy Fashion Mall Item added to the Item mall 
  • All 7 Day items removed (Now only 30 Day and Perm items will be sold) 

Class Items

  • Amulet/Decoration/Rings are now bound once equiped so they can be traded

Custom Items

  • Custom Titles added
  • Custom Fashions added
  • Custom Fashions corrected
  • Custom Weapons added 





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