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Patch Notes


Zodiac System

-          Items added to Zodiac crafter

-          Items for Zodiac rings (Zodiac Stone shards, ect) Added to The Zodiac Rep Vender

-          Value added to Soul of Shun Yu

-          Zodiac Reputation added to all mobs in Crescent Springs

Exp Items

-          *30 Mill Gem is now capped at level 80

-          *100 Mill Gem added for levels 81-100

-          *1 Billion Gem added for levels 101-120

-          *Price reduction of all Gems in mall

-          *Anything under 30 Mill gem removed from mall

-          *Advancement tokens removed from item mall

-         * Minor Advancement token cost lowered in Crescent Springs Shop

General updates

-          Captcha Box (Bot Box) Removed from server

-          Gold Bullion Added to World Drops

-          All items should now stack to 10k

-          School charms all now stack to 500

Transform Cards

-          Cards now show description of stats.

-          Heals that were 1k HP & MP restore lowered to 500

Shop Updates

-          Lesser Shelter charm removed from General store

-          Shelter charm lasting 1 and 2 hours added to Taoist in Liuhe

-          Trumpet shell added to General store NPC in Liuhe

-          Bai Meat Added to general store in Liuhe

Item Mall Updates

-          New Loot pets have been added to the mall

-          Trumpet shell Removed

-          Bai meat removed

-          Grasses for rebirth removed

-          Book for Shield removed

-          Some prices have been changed


- Drops improved on items needed to make T3 Items


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