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Patch Notes


Transform cards

-          TC duration set to 1 hour for Refined TC’s

-          Kung Fu Fighter [E] can now be exchanged for Refined TC

Zodiac System Has been added (This system will be expanded overtime with new Zodiac decorations and rings with better buffs then current items give)

-          Zodiac reputation can be gained from mobs/bosses in Sky Village & from Shun Yu in Hot Springs.

-          Zodiac Rep can be spent at the Zodiac Vender in Sky village for the following items

·         Zodiac Seals

·         Potions of the Moon

·         Life of the Gods

·         Magic of the Stars

·         Vigor of the Earth

·         Soul of Shun Yu

·         And more

-          All zodiac craft items can be used to create items at the Zodiac crafter (Following Items can be created)

·         Armband of the Turtle [V2]

·         Assassin's Earrings [V2]

·         Scroll of Intelligence [V2]

·         Zodiac Loot pets (Enhanced Stats)

·         Zodiac: Ring of Life

·         Zodiac: Charm of Mana

·         Zodiac: Chain of Vigor


Shop Update

-          Master of titles have been added to general store in liuhe, they require 100k Slaughter rep and will cost 10 million coins.

Crescent Springs updates

-          All daily quest items now stack to 1k

Item Mall Update

**** Some of the items may not be available right after patch.

-          New Loot pets added

-          New Titles added

-          New Emblems (Level 100 & 120) lasing 7 & 30 days

General Updates


-          Kung Fu Notebooks now stack to 5000


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