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Patch Notes


Celestial Garden

  • Removed announcement from Galaxy Pearl
  • Drop rate of items from monsters is now lower per mob (may need further adjustment based on player feedback)
  • Fixed the Box drop issue on a few bosses 
  • Added more HP to bosses (May need further adjustment based on player feedback) 

Sky Village

  • Corrected Sky Monkey Drops


  • 7 Day Wait time should no longer be in effect when leaving a school
    • This will stay this way so long as school quests do not become an issue again. 
  • Boss in collection field updated to now give collection rep in place of world rep


  • The 4 Treasures now stack to 1000


  • Staff & Hook Great glasses are now corrected 


  • Rebirth grasses now stack to 10k
  • Abyss-Fragment Welkin added to the Item mall 
  • Spider Silk drops raised 
  • Daily Dungeon quests can now be done again. (Toons will no longer be IP banned) 



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