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Patch Notes

New Instance change

-          Ancient Pagoda of Mijing has been changed to Celestial Garden

-          This instance is for players Level 120

-          Any Quests tied to Pagoda will be changes at a later time

-          Drops included, All T3 materials, Abyss Armor Boxes, and Legacy D boxes

-          Some of the bosses do have Death kiss so be prepared for that.

-          Mobs Drop fabrics needed for Fashions (Ice Silk, Royal, ect)


Hill changes

-          All T3 armor materials have been removed from Hill map, now only drops 99 Divine armors.



-          Staff Unique glasses have been corrected and can now be crafted


-          Stats have been lowered so boss can now be killed (Further adjustments may need to be made)

Sky Village

-          Bosses have been updated with lower stats and should now be killable.

Zodiac Items

-          Loot Pets have been fixed to now be Perm items

-          Any loot pets that were made will be replaced

-          Minor Advancement tokens will now be a bound item

-          All items now have a Reputation value at the Zodiac rep vender

Zodiac Rings

-          Amount of Diablo Souls have been lowered for V5 Ring

Item Mall updates

-          Zijin pills added to mall (3 Minuet cool down)

***** This item was added after careful consideration and discussion amount players, it was the agreed upon item.

-          All Titles removed from the Item mall

-          Title Item mall added to mall for 0 Gold (Open this item to buy titles)

Custom items


-          Custom fashions and Titles added for players 


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